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Why Carpet

Why Carpet?

Carpet is a fantastic choice for practically any room within your home. Carpet is well known as a flooring choice that’s warm, comforting and quiet. Maintaining the look of your carpet is easier than ever with today’s floor manufacturing technologies that have increased carpet’s softness, strength and stain-resistance. Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles allowing it to fit practically any design style.

Finding the perfect carpet for your home can be tough, but the information on this page will help you determine the best carpeting options for your home. When you visit your local carpet store, a Eternal Flooring & Carpentry’s Consultant can help you finalize your selection and ensure that your new floor meets the needs of your space.

What is Carpet Made Of?

Nylon Carpet 01


Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers and has long been known for its high performance and durability attributes. Nylon carpeting offers diversity, style and color, and is typically less likely to mat down than other fibers. While durable, nylon is not inherently stain-resistant. Nylon carpets are usually treated with a stain-resistant solution during the manufacturing process. Nylon is typically a more expensive carpet fiber and has a reputation for being the all-around best performer.


All natural and non-synthetic, wool carpet is a truly green product. It has excellent resilience and durability, though it can wear down after many years of use. Wool carpeting is also naturally stain resistant and cleans especially well. However, since wool can hold up to ten times its weight in moisture, special care is needed when cleaning these carpets. Wool is typically the most expensive fiber type, but if having an all-natural carpet is important, wool is a great option.

Wool Carpet 01
Polyester Carpet 01


Polyester is a popular carpet fiber option. Polyester carpet is inherently stain-resistant and produces some of the most beautiful color variations available. It is also extremely fade-resistant and therefore a popular option for areas that are exposed to long periods of sunlight. Polyester carpeting is typically a more affordable option, however, it is not as durable or resilient as nylon.


Triexta is a newer fiber in the carpet industry. Made from the same general chemical composition, Triexta carpet was originally defined as a polyester. It is now recognized as being more durable and resilient than conventional polyester, while having the same inherently superior stain-resistant properties.

Triexta Carpet 01

Choosing the Right Carpet Type For You

At Eternal Flooring & Carpentry, we have many carpet brands to choose, as well as a variety of types of carpet.

Carpet comes in five major cut types: plush (or cut) pile, berber cut pile, berber loop pile, cut-and-loop pile and commercial loop. Each of those types of carpet is available in different types of fiber, both natural (such as Wool, Sea Grass, Sisal, and Coir) or synthetic (such as nylon, polyester, acrylic or olefin).

High-traffic areas benefit from flecks of subtle color or texture in carpet fibers that help hide soil and footprints. Formal areas come alive with plush carpet that is truly a treat for the eyes and feet.

There are even eco-friendly, stain-resistant, and mold and mildew resistant carpets available today.

When it comes to investing in new carpet it’s crucial that you consider a variety of options. Our professional installers will evaluate your home’s living spaces to be certain you choose the best type of carpet, the right carpet cut, carpet padding, and carpet fiber possible for your needs. Plus, we’ll ensure that you understand everything about carpet installation cost prior to your project.

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