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    Hardwood floors can last for many years. Over time, there is no other flooring material that can beat the durability and longevity of wood. Hardwood is by far the best flooring installation material for resilience and daily cleaning conveniences with a warm feel coupled with a classy clean look.

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    Our service consultants are happy to offer suggestions based on decades of expertise. Whether you need a soft surface that’ll cushion your toddler during his first steps or a durable floor to handle heavy foot traffic in a family room, Eternal Flooring & Carpentry  has a solution for you.

  • Eternal Flooring & Carpentry

    Vinyl & Laminate

    Vinyl flooring is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements—rooms where hardwood and carpet won’t work. These areas are prone to excess moisture that can result in permanent damage. Our water-resistant, friendly vinyl floors are great for property owners

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Eternal Flooring & Carpentry


In store design consultation is all part of the Eternal Flooring & Carpentry experience. Come visit us at our showroom, our team is here to help you design your next flooring project from start to finish. What’s the best flooring options that fits the functionality of my space and budget?  What colors, patterns, or design schemes best fit my personal style & tie into my overall project?  What are the newest products & latest trends with regards to my flooring choices?  What does installation entail and how long is the process?

These are all questions our team will help answer to help complete your design ideas. Through conversation and collaboration, we want to help you design your next flooring project you’ll love!

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94 Galli Drive, Ste C, Novato, CA, 94949

Visit Us

94 Galli Drive, Ste C, Novato, CA, 94949

Visit our Showroom

94 Galli Drive, Ste C, Novato, CA, 94949

Our Showroom

94 Galli Drive, Ste C, Novato, CA, 94949

Services We Offer in Marin & Sonoma Counties

On Top of Offering the Widest Selection of Floors, We also have a Team of Professional Technicians and Flooring Contractors that can Assist you in a Large Array of Services. Some of the Flooring Services we Offer are as Follows:
  • Hardwood Flooring Installation
  • Hardwood Refinishing
  • Hardwood Repair
  • Carpet Installation
  • Laminate Flooring Installation
  • Marmoleum Installation
  • LVT Installation
  • and Many more

Finding The Perfect Floor is Easy!

We are a full service flooring contractor with the ability to take the job from start to finish. Our in-home, high-touch level of service is unparalleled in the industry. We are with you through each step of your new flooring project from selection to installation. Throughout the installation we’ll address concerns, advise on the status of the work and answer your questions. At Eternal Flooring & Carpentry, we are so confident in our process that once you work with us, you’ll be a customer for life. We’ll count on you to tell family and friends!


Complimentary Consultation

At  Eternal Flooring & Carpentry, we schedule our in-home consultations when it’s convenient for you. We know that you are busy and that your time is valuable, so our Design Associates travel to your location. You will work directly with our team to answer any questions you have and advise on the different aspects of each flooring product.

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